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Bespoke LifeBook: Love and Laughter in a Suitcase

Posted on Apr 20, 2017 in Editorial.

We all hope you enjoy your LifeBook Virginia!

LifeBook was honoured to welcome Mrs Virginia Bayless and her daughter Brenda to the office for a coffee and cake presentation. We had two project managers Sue and Caroline here and of course Roy our founder to do the presentation.

Some LifeBook projects just grow and grow …

I was the project manager working closely with a lovely author on her autobiography when about halfway through her project she revealed that she had already written an autobiography herself, and she asked if we could use that to add to our project.

We decided to amalgamate the two

I had to pass this across to our bespoke division to discuss with the author and her daughter, as her own manuscript was over 115,000 words. We met at her charming retirement apartment to discuss the options together, and we decided to amalgamate the two into one coherent manuscript for her.

Large format, 152,000 and 314 pages later

The final manuscript was over 152,000 words. We upgraded her books to our beautiful larger format hand-bound and stitched linen books, and by the time we had added all her chosen photos hers was one of the biggest books in our LifeBook library. It was such a privilege to see the author and her daughter here at the LifeBook office receiving her stunning autobiography, something I know the family will cherish for generations to come.

To complete the bespoke journey we received this very kind thank you letter from Mrs Bayless.


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